strandberg Salen Deluxe NX Electric Guitar Vintage Burst


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The Sälen NX is the .strandberg* take on the legendary first solidbody electric guitar from the 1950’s. This is not a mere copy of this iconic guitar that changed the history of music, but rather a thoughtful and innovative design that balances the best of the tried-and-true traditional with the thoroughly modern concepts that our guitars are known for. The Sälen NX is at once familiar and strikingly bold, with touches of vintage and modern. Sonically and tactile response-wise, the Sälen NX Deluxe provides warmth and roundness due to the chambered body and make the bridge pickup less piercing on the high notes so there’s no need to roll back the tone knob. The Sälen NX Deluxe has a slightly warmer and more open sound than the Sälen NX Classic due to the chambered body but otherwise they share similar sonic characteristics.