strandberg Boden Prog NX 7 7-String Electric Guitar Twilight Purple


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The innovative Boden Prog NX 7 from Strandberg is a 7-string guitar providing groundbreaking design and construction for versatile playability and tone. Its chambered swamp ash body with maple top produces a resonant yet biting tone, enhanced by a Richlite fretboard. The result is an exceptionally lightweight instrument with reduced arm tension for comfortable extended play.

Groundbreaking 7-String Design

The Boden Prog NX 7 features a pioneering design with a 25.5 to 26.25″ scale length, ideal for lower tunings. It has a patented EndurNeck profile, with its unique shape providing both comfort and strength to your forearm and wrist, allowing you to play longer without fatigue and with improved technique for fast playability across all seven strings. A deep cutaway provides easy access to higher frets, enabling wide-ranging soloing and chord voicings.

Resonant Tonewood Construction

A chambered swamp ash body topped with maple top gives the Boden Prog NX 7 a resonant yet focused tone with clear highs. The Richlite fretboard further enhances clarity and sustain. Together, these tonewoods produce a cutting tone suited for any musical style from rock to jazz fusion.

Smooth Tremolo Performance

The EGS Pro Rev7 tremolo system provides an extremely responsive feel for expressive performance. Its fulcrum design preserves the open tone of the guitar, enabling a shimmering, chorusing quality. Self-locking saddles facilitate quick adjustments to string height and intonation for optimal playability.

Versatile Electronics

Fishman Fluence pickups, including the Fluence Modern ceramic bridge pickup and alnico neck pickup, deliver a wide range of tones from natural acoustic to high-gain. Simply roll the volume or tone knob or transition between pickups for an array of single-coil and humbucking sounds suited for any genre.