strandberg Boden Plus NX 6 True Temperament Electric Guitar Coppertone


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The Boden+ NX True Temperament guitar from .strandberg* is the world’s first production model guitar with True Temperament frets, providing the union of the acclaimed Boden design with the revolutionary True Temperament fretting system for virtually perfect tuning anywhere on the fretboard. Boden’s ergonomic comfort and superb organic tonal characteristics are further enhanced with the sweetness of tuning perfection and increased resonance. This NX electric guitar features improved tone, greater comfort and enhanced functionality for an even better playing experience.The True Temperament fretting system was certainly not designed with visual aesthetics in mind. This is all about getting the best tuning and intonation possible on a guitar. Every note you play on the fretboard sounds more in tune than you’ve heard before, but it’s especially noticeable on the chords you play. The “beating” of notes that are not in tune with each other is eliminated, improving the perceived loudness as well as the overall sustain. When you strum a chord, the notes within the chord all seem to bloom together in perfect harmony. Not only will you hear the tuning sweetness in your ears, you will feel the instrument resonating in a way you have not experienced before.