strandberg Boden Original NX 6 Electric Guitar Charcoal Black


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Based on the first concept prototypes with the original specifications, the .strandberg* Boden Original NX 6 can be deemed the model that started a revolution in modern guitar design and takes the electric guitar into the 21st century. Exceptionally light in weight and scientifically engineered for comfort and to reduce arm tension, the Original NX 6 features a chambered swamp ash body with solid maple top, a maple neck and birdseye maple fretboard to produce a lively acoustic resonance you can feel in your hands and against your body. The individual bridge pieces play a vital role in the Boden’s unique acoustic character—clear, organic, and balanced with a fast and articulate pick attack. The Rev 7 hardware bridge pieces feature a self-locking mechanism for the saddles for improved robustness and tone transfer as well as quick and easy string action adjustments. The unique hardware and tonewoods combine to provide a sound that is at once warm and woody as well as tight and punchy, and which is amazingly responsive to the most minute subtleties of your touch. Electronics-wise, the Boden Original NX 6 is equipped with Suhr passive pickups (SSH+ in the bridge and SSV in the neck) to deliver the natural acoustic characteristics of the guitar faithfully to your favorite amplification systems, while also offering the sonic flexibility to suit virtually all musical genres and playing styles.