strandberg Boden Metal NX 7 7-String Electric Guitar Black Granite


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The .strandberg* Metal NX 7 7-string electric guitar provides much more than a sleek exterior and super slick playability. Underneath the futuristic look is a tone machine crafted of the finest tonewoods to deliver an organic and woody yet pulverizing high-gain tones for today’s most demanding metal genres. The Metal NX 7’s chambered American basswood body is coupled with solid quarter-inch thick maple top to produce a thick and full-bodied midrange along with a deep yet tight low-end. The maple neck with Richlite fretboard adds brilliance along with a sharp edge to cut through the densest mix. The bridge plays a vital role in the unique acoustic character of the Metal NX—clear, organic and balanced with a fast and articulate pick attack. The unique hardware and tonewoods combine to provide a sound that is at once rich and woody as well as tight and punchy, and which is amazingly responsive. Electronics-wise, the 7-string Metal NX 7 is equipped with Fishman active pickups to deliver the natural acoustic characteristics of the guitar with powerful authority to your amplification systems. The Fishman wiring also provides single-coil and Voice 1/2 modes for added flexibility to suit virtually all musical genres and playing styles.