strandberg Boden Classic NX 6 Electric Guitar Viridian Green


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The .strandberg* Boden Classic NX 6 electric guitar incorporates a pickguard on a solid alder body for a cool retro-modern look and a more traditional sound while retaining all of the key features of the original Boden design. Compared to a chambered body, the solid body provides slightly more midrange with a punchier tone. The maple neck adds strong upper mids and brilliance to combine with the warmth of alder for a big, open and balanced sound. The individual bridge pieces and tremolo system machined out of aircraft grade aluminum play a vital role in the Boden’s unique acoustic character —clear, organic and balanced with a fast and articulate pick attack. The Rev7 hardware bridge pieces feature a self-locking mechanism for the saddles for improved robustness and tone transfer, as well as quick and easy string action adjustments. The unique hardware coupled with the alder, maple and rosewood deliver a classic sound that is at once warm and woody as well as tight and punchy with touch sensitive responsiveness. On the electronics front, the Classic NX 6 have been updated with highly acclaimed Suhr passive pickups, picked for a perfect match of tones. The versatile Thornbucker bridge humbucker delivers strong high-mids and can cover everything from blues-rock to high-gain metal, while the V60LP middle and neck single-coil pickups provide sparkling clean vintage sounds. Whatever your style, these pickups will cover all of your musical bases.