Sterling by Music Man Valentine Chambered Electric Guitar Natural


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The 2023 Valentine Chambered Electric Guitar effortlessly combines the best of iconic guitar features into a versatile semi-hollow package. Staying true to the original Valentine DNA, this guitar includes a white ash slab body, 12dB push-push boost and locking tuners, while innovating with its chambered construction and f-hole for enhanced resonance. The 2023 Valentine’s chambered body and f-hole produce a woody, vintage tone, while over 1,000 possible tone combinations allow you to craft your ideal sound.

Dial In Your Tone With Chambered Construction and F-Hole

The 2023 Valentine’s chambered construction and f-hole work together to achieve an open, airy semi-hollow body tone. The f-hole allows the guitar to breathe and resonate freely as you play, reacting to your dynamics with rich complexity. Chambering the white ash body reduces weight while retaining the snap and presence ash is known for. This guitar resonates with acoustic-like depth, remaining articulate and focused. With the three-way toggle pickup selector and push-push boost, you have over 1,000 possible tone combinations at your fingertips.

Hardtail Bridge Provides Rock-Solid Stability

This Valentine guitar features a classic hardtail bridge for maximum sustain, precise intonation and rock-solid tuning stability. The hardtail bridge’s fixed design minimizes points of movement that can throw tuning out of whack. Notes ring out with impressive clarity and definition. Intonation stays accurate up and down the neck so chords retain their character. Whether recording in the studio or playing live, you can depend on this stable bridge to keep your Valentine guitar sounding its best.

Roasted Maple Neck and Locking Tuners Enhance Playability

The 2023 Valentine guitar comes equipped with a roasted maple neck and fingerboard for smooth, comfortable playability. The roasted maple offers enhanced stability and sustain compared to traditional maple. Its tight wood grain lends a highly resonant and evenly balanced tone. Combined with the locking tuners, this roasted maple neck gives you maximum tuning stability for reliable performance. The locking tuners ensure your tuning won’t shift, even during extensive use. The Valentine guitar’s premium components let your technique shine.

White Ash Body Produces Balanced Tone

This Valentine guitar features a white ash body known for its balanced tone. White ash delivers sparkling highs with tight lows and excellent note separation. Compared to swamp ash, it has a focused midrange that cuts through a mix while retaining warmth and character. From clean rhythms to crunchy overdrive, the white ash body keeps your tone clear and articulate. Its bright top end shimmers with acoustic-like complexity, while the compressed low end provides a solid foundation.

12dB Push-Push Boost Adds Serious Sustain and Bite

The Valentine’s 12dB push-push boost takes your tone to the next level when it’s time for searing leads. At the push of a button, the boost kicks in powerful midrange cut and sustain for aggressive solo tones that can’t be ignored. The boosted signal slices through the mix with biting authority thanks to the 12dB bump in volume. Notes sustain longer, giving your legato lines and bends increased expressiveness. When you’re done soloing, just press the boost again to return to your core rhythm tone. This versatile Valentine guitar can handle both rhythm and leads.