Sterling by Music Man Majesty Electric Guitar Arctic Dream


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Designed in close collaboration with prog metal titan John Petrucci, the Sterling by Music Man Majesty electric guitar is built for guitar heroes. Its set mahogany neck and sleek contours let your fingers fly up and down the fingerboard with ease while the DiMarzio Dreamcatcher and Rainmaker humbuckers sing with clarity and definition. For solos that soar, just push the volume knob to engage up to 12dB of boost. Locking tuners keep everything in tune, even during your most intense performances. The Majesty inspires confidence for nailing intricate leads and complex riffs in front of big crowds.

Set Neck Design Provides Exceptional Sustain and Resonance

The Majesty’s mahogany set neck delivers the sustain and resonance you need for singing leads and rich chords. Its tight neck joint drives each note to ring out with depth and body. Compared to bolt-on neck designs, the set neck allows more surface contact between neck and body, transferring string vibration more efficiently for notes that bloom with harmonics and character. Whether you’re bending notes, laying down intricate arpeggios or just letting an open chord ring, you’ll feel the set neck make your playing resonate.

Sleek Contours and Deep Cutaway Allow Effortless Access to Upper Frets

Shredding up and down the neck is easy with the Majesty’s ergonomic contours and deep cutaway for fret access. Its forearm and neck heel are sculpted to maximize playing comfort. Combined with a flat 16″ fingerboard radius, fast leads flow off your fingers with ease. The Majesty lets you rip all the way up to its 24th fret while staying relaxed. Its upper fret access inspires you to push your soloing farther. And the sculpted neck heel provides a seamless transition between neck and body for fluid motion across the entire fingerboard.

DiMarzio Dreamcatcher and Rainmaker Humbuckers Deliver Clear, Singing Lead Tones

The Majesty comes loaded with custom-voiced DiMarzio Dreamcatcher and Rainmaker humbuckers, providing singing lead tones, complex overtones and articulate crunch. The Dreamcatcher in the neck position produces a warm yet defined sound that brings clarity to chord voicings and articulated riffing. When it’s time for searing solos, switch to the bridge Rainmaker for singing lead tones that pierce through a mix. These pickups are voiced specifically to suit Petrucci’s progressive metal style, making soaring lines stand out in the mix.

12dB Push/Pull Boost Pot Helps Solos Take Flight

A key part of the Majesty’s design is its push/pull volume pot that offers up to 12 decibels of boost. This lets you kick your solo into overdrive with the press of a button. Just pull up on the volume knob when it’s time for your lead break and you’ve got all the extra juice you need for singing sustain and harmonics that leap out of the mix. It’s perfect for emphasizing your most expressive bends, longest sustain notes and most lyrical phrasing. After the solo, push the volume knob back down to unity gain.

Locking Tuners Keep Everything Stable During Live Performance

The Majesty comes equipped with locking tuners to keep everything stable even with heavy playing. Locking tuners clamp down on the strings for increased break angle over the nut. This adds more downward tension on the nut for better sustain and tuning stability when bending strings or using techniques like tremolo picking, string skipping and two-hand tapping. You can shake, rattle and roll without worrying about your guitar going out of tune on stage. The Majesty inspires confidence for nailing your parts show after show.


Arctic Dream