Sterling by Music Man Jason Richardson Cutlass Electric Guitar Pearl White


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The Sterling by Music Man Jason Richardson Cutlass electric guitar brings together exceptional design and premium appointments for the discerning player. This sleek 6-string features a contoured alder body with a gorgeous figured poplar burl top that provides easy access to the highest frets. The roasted maple neck and rosewood fingerboard offer a smooth, fast feel that makes complex riffs a breeze. Equipped with high output humbuckers, the Cutlass delivers thick, rich tones perfect for aggressive rhythm work or searing leads. A 12dB push-push volume boost adds grit and sustain to your sound with the twist of a knob. The coil-tap push-push tone control lets you snap from humbucking roar to single-coil bite at a moment’s notice. Top it off with a modern tremolo bridge and the Cutlass provides expressive pitch effects for dives, warbles and everything in between.

Contoured Body With Figured Poplar Burl Top for Easy Playability

The alder body of the Cutlass features a smart contour design that carves away the lower horn for unfettered access to the upper frets. This makes it easy to blaze away during fast soloing passages. The body also incorporates a stunning figured poplar burl top. The eye-catching wood grain patterns make the Cutlass a true work of art. And being chambered, the lightweight body resonates freely, projecting your tone with clarity.

Roasted Maple Neck and Rosewood Fingerboard for Smooth Feel

The roasted maple neck stands up to changes in temperature and humidity, promoting rock-solid stability no matter the environment. Its smooth satin finish lets your hand glide effortlessly up and down the rosewood fingerboard. Combined with a 25.5″ scale length and 16″ radius, the Cutlass provides a playing feel that transitions seamlessly between chords and solos.

High Output Humbuckers Deliver Thick, Rich Tones

A pair of proprietary Music Man designed humbuckers serve up the aggressive bite and singing sustain ideal for hard rock and metal styles. The bridge humbucker outputs dense, thick mids and tight low end, perfect for bone-crunching rhythm parts. The neck humbucker conveys clear, articulate tone for soaring leads. Together, they give the Cutlass exceptional tonal range.

12dB Push-Push Volume Boost Adds Grit and Sustain

When you need some extra juice, just press the volume knob to engage a 12dB boost. This supercharges your signal, adding growl and sustain to fatten up solos or make power chords really jump out of the mix. It’s an easy way add some excitement to your sound.

Coil-Tap Push-Push Tone Control for Single-Coil Snap

Get the best of both worlds with the coil-tap tone control. Press it to split the humbuckers into single coil mode for bright, sparkling tone. The crisp attack cuts through a mix while still retaining some warmth. Release the switch and the humbuckers return for their full-bodied roar.

Modern Tremolo for Expressive Pitch Control

A slick modern tremolo bridge expands your creative options. Use the whammy bar to add warbling textures, pitch swoops or fluttering effects. Combined with the roasted maple neck and locking tuners, the Cutlass returns to pitch accurately after extreme use of the tremolo arm.


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