Sterling by Music Man Jared Dines Artist Series StingRay Electric Guitar Olympic White


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The Jared Dines Artist Series StingRay electric guitar from Sterling by Music Man delivers a distinctive look and feel. Customized to the multi-faceted guitarist’s technique, this StingRay model stands out from others with its one-of-a-kind specifications. The Jared Dines is the only StingRay guitar featuring a kill switch and stacked tone/volume knob for quick tonal adjustments mid-song. It also exclusively rocks 24 frets, extending your soloing range, along with hot-rodded dual humbucking pickups for a multitude of tones.

Equipped With a Kill Switch and Stacked Tone/Volume Knob

The Jared Dines StingRay guitar gives you optimal control over your sound with its unique electronics layout. It’s equipped with a kill switch to instantly silence the signal, allowing for percussive muting effects. The single stacked tone/volume knob makes it easy to go from rhythm to leads with a quick turn. Having both controls in one place means you can swiftly dial in just the right tone and volume for each part of a song.

Expanded Range With 24 Frets

As the only StingRay model with 24 frets, the Jared Dines allows you to solo beyond the 22nd fret. The two extra frets give you more room to improvise melodic runs up and down the neck. You’ll be able to hit higher notes with ease for increased range in your playing. The 24-fret design also provides excellent upper fret access thanks to the guitar’s contoured cutaway.

Supercharged Sound from Dual Humbuckers

To match Jared Dines’ heavy music, this signature StingRay guitar packs a powerful sonic punch. It’s loaded with hot-rodded dual humbucking pickups for thick, focused tone that retains note clarity even with high gain. From crunchy rhythms to blistering leads, the custom wound humbuckers deliver exceptional output and dynamics. Tame the aggression with the tone knob or go full-on with the volume cranked.

Playability from Maple Neck and Tremolo Bridge

Built for performance, the Jared Dines StingRay guitar provides smooth playability. Its rock-solid hard maple neck offers precision fretting, while the vintage-style tremolo bridge allows expressive, vibrating effects. The locking tuners keep the guitar in tune through on-stage antics. Visually, the Jared Dines pops with its eye-catching gold hardware against the nyatoh body.