Squier Classic Vibe Baritone Custom Telecaster Electric Guitar Black


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Squier has taken their ubiquitous Telecaster and created a vintage-inspired baritone model for players craving a heavier, lower sound. The Classic Vibe Baritone Custom Telecaster features a 27″ maple neck and Fender-designed alnico single-coil pickups for full, resonant tone.

Baritone Scale Unlocks Lower Registers

The extended 27″ scale length provides the lower tuning needed for baritone range. Players can explore rumbling lows and heavy riffs not possible on a standard guitar. The baritone scale and alnico pickups are a visionary combination, yielding a voice that blends vintage style with modern versatility.

Slim, Fast Neck Plays With Ease

A slim “C”-shaped neck profile and 9.5″ laurel fingerboard make the Classic Vibe Baritone Custom Telecaster comfortable and accessible. Narrow-tall frets provide a smooth playing feel across the 21 frets. The neck’s vintage tint gloss finish reinforces the retro vibe of this innovative instrument.

Vintage Bridge Anchors Resonant Tone

A vintage-style Telecaster bridge with chrome barrel saddles produces dynamic, resonant tone. The string-through-body design enhances sustain and articulation. Paired with the baritone scale and alnico pickups, the 3-Saddle Vintage-Style Strings-Through-Body with Chrome Barrel Saddle bridge helps the Classic Vibe Baritone Custom Telecaster achieve a range of tones from vintage warmth to modern edge.

Iconic Style With Modern Voice

Double binding and nickel hardware give the Classic Vibe Baritone Custom Telecaster ’60s-inspired style. At the same time, the extended scale length and alnico pickups provide a contemporary baritone voice, demonstrating how Squier artfully blends vintage design and modern innovation.