Schecter Guitar Research Omen Elite-6 FR Electric Guitar Charcoal


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The Schecter Guitar Research Omen Elite-6 FR Electric Guitar provides an unparalleled combination of speed, power and affordability. This ax’s poplar burl top and mahogany body produce a resonant yet aggressive tone that’s ideal for heavy rock and metal. The thin maple neck and 24-fret rosewood fingerboard enable lightning-fast solos and complex chords with silky smooth playability.

Powerful Heretic Humbuckers Deliver Pummeling Distortion

The Omen Elite-6 FR is armed with Schecter’s Heretic humbucker pickups, which provide a tight, crushing midrange and searing high gain ideal for high-octane riffing. The bridge pickup produces a bold, punchy tone that cuts through the mix, while the neck pickup yields a warm, resonant sound perfect for emotive leads. A 5-way selector switch offers a variety of pickup combinations from bright to dark.

Floyd Rose Tremolo Enables Dive Bombs and Squeals

This ax features a Floyd Rose Special Locking Tremolo bridge that provides rock-solid tuning stability even when performing the most extreme whammy bar tricks. Unleash dive bombs, squeals and warbles while always returning to pitch. The Floyd Rose, combined with the scorching Heretic pickups, gives shredders and metalheads alike a high-performance platform for unbridled expression.

Sleek Looks and Premium Appointments

With its figured poplar burl top, black cherry burst finish and black hardware, the Omen Elite-6 FR has the sinister good looks to match its crushing tone. Premium componants include an pearloid line inlay on the rosewood fingerboard, a matching painted headstock and clear speed knobs.

High Performance, Low Price

The Schecter Omen Elite-6 FR combines pro-level performance with surprising affordability. Shredders on a budget will appreciate its premium pickups, Floyd Rose tremolo, fast neck and resonant tone—all without breaking the bank. This ax delivers professional results at a price that won’t dent your wallet. The Schecter Omen Elite-6 FR is a high-performance bargain not to be missed.