Schecter Guitar Research C-8 Multiscale Rob Scallon Electric Guitar Contrasts


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The Schecter C-8 Multiscale Rob Scallon electric guitar brings together premium design and specialized features to meet the needs of today’s adventurous players. This powerful 8-string electric guitar combines a resonant neck-through body with custom multi-scale lengths for enhanced playability across its extended range. Thoughtfully crafted in collaboration with YouTube innovator Rob Scallon, it unleashes creative inspiration while staying focused on the essentials.

Resonant Neck-Through Design With Reinforcing Carbon Fiber Rods

At the core of the C-8 Multiscale is a solid mahogany neck-through body for singing sustain and deeply resonant tone. This continuous design allows vibrations to travel smoothly from neck to body unimpeded. To ensure rock-solid stability even when downtuned, carbon fiber reinforcement rods flank the dual octave neck. The result is a remarkably stable feel that lets you dig in and express yourself fully.

Multi-Scale Lengths Carefully Tailored for Optimal Playability

This 8-string guitar features custom 25.5″ to 27″ multi-scale lengths, with longer lower strings and shorter higher strings. This layout maintains ideal string tension across the extended range, improving intonation and making it easier to bend strings or use vibrato. Chords ring out with clarity and single-note runs flow effortlessly up the neck. The moderately flat 20″ radius ebony fingerboard and medium jumbo frets further enhance playability.

Versatile Sonic Range With Custom Humbucking Pickups

For flexible tonal shaping, the C-8 Multiscale is equipped with a powerful set of custom Schecter Diamond ’78 Rob Scallon humbucking pickups. The neck pickup delivers warm, rounded tones, while the hotter bridge pickup provides tighter and more aggressive sounds. From sparkling cleans to blistering overdrive, these pickups capture a wide range of tones with responsive dynamic expression.

Streamlined Control Layout Focused on the Essentials

This signature 8-string guitar keeps controls straightforward and stage-ready. Master volume and tone knobs with push/pull switching allow quick access to essential sounds. The three-way pickup toggle selects neck, both or bridge pickups for more tonal options. Combined with the Hipshot hardtail bridge and locking tuners, this streamlined layout makes the C-8 Multiscale gig-ready right out of the box.