Reverend Rick Vito Signature Soul Shaker Electric Guitar Ivory


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The Reverend Rick Vito Signature Soulshaker is killer for slide, but versatile enough for any style of playing. Exceptionally well-balanced, the korina body is strategically chambered to reduce weight, which also contributes to a lively and responsive tone. The korina neck features an ebony fretboard, plus a single-action truss rod for further weight reduction. A pearloid maple top, checkerboard binding, cupcake knobs and pickup covers with a triangle motif all pay tribute to Vito’s love of art deco design. Loaded with dual HA5 humbuckers, the Soulshaker pumps out vintage PAF-tones galore. The bridge pickup is wound slightly hotter for extra drive and punch; the neck is slightly underwound for a more warm and open sound. A treble bleed circuit keeps the high end up even when the volume is down. Vito spec’d out his Soulshaker with a Bigsby and custom soft-touch spring for easy, smooth action. Strings glide through every time thanks to the roller bridge, pin-lock tuners and Boneite nut. Other features include a Pure Tone jack, 10k pots and a hand-signed, initialed headstock. The Reverend Rick Vito Soulshaker is genuinely unique guitar that is both elegant and playable.