Reverend Jetstream 390 Rosewood Fingerboard Electric Guitar Korina Burst


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The Reverend Jetstream 390, a guitar that delivers the raw, bluesy tone of P-90 pickups in a sleek, modern package. The Jetstream 390 features three custom P-90 pickups that provide a balance of clean and distorted tones with a thicker voicing, ideal for everything from surf to heavy rock. Its korina body offers a lighter weight while contributing to the guitar’s resonant, consistent tone.

Shape Your Sound With Onboard Tone Controls

The Jetstream 390 gives you complete control over your tone with a Bass Contour knob and treble bleed circuit. The Bass Contour knob allows you to dial in the perfect amount of low-end girth. Meanwhile, the treble bleed circuit prevents treble loss when reducing volume, allowing you to go from lead lines to rhythm playing while maintaining clarity.

Built to Perform Night After Night

Reverend designed the Jetstream 390 for reliability and consistency on stage and in the studio. It features a bone nut and pin-lock tuners for rock-solid tuning stability. Its dual-action truss rod makes neck adjustments quick and easy as the seasons change. The control knobs are positioned for easy access and the laser-engraved and reinforced jack plate provides a secure connection for your cable. Premium electronic components like poly caps and pots keep your tone consistent at any volume.

Premium Craftsmanship and Components

Like all Reverend guitars, the Jetstream 390 is built to the highest standards using premium materials. It features a maple neck, rosewood fretboard and Reverend’s Medium Oval neck profile for comfort and speed. Each guitar is inspected and set up in the USA by Reverend’s expert technicians to ensure you get a perfectly playable instrument, ready to inspire right out of the box.


Korina Burst