Reverend Jenn Wasner Signature Electric Guitar Optic Interruption


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The Reverend Jenn Wasner Signature JW-1 combines the dynamic power of the Charger HB with the visual aesthetic of Jenn’s projects (Wye Oak, Flock of Dimes, Dungeonesse). It features a beautiful roasted maple neck, pau ferro fretboard and korina body. Dual HA5 humbuckers provide vintage PAF-sounds, with the bridge wound hotter and the neck pickup slightly lower. Reverend partnered with the Baltimore textile artist who created Jenn’s stage wear, April Camlin, to create the graphic, called “Optic Interruption.” The visual effect is as dynamic as the sound.Other features include a bass contour control, treble-bleed circuit, pin-lock tuners, Boneite nut, angled neck plate and more.