Reverend Greg Koch Signature Gristlemaster 90 Ebony Fretboard Electric Guitar Venetian Gold


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The Greg Koch Signature Gristlemaster 90 ebony fretboard electric guitar is a slightly larger-bodied T style (for those who are sometimes asked if they are playing a 3/4-sized guitar) with a set neck, shorter scale and ebony fingerboard (for those craving more girth with their twang and buttery playability). It’s equipped with a Fishman Fluence Gristletone P90 pickups (perhaps the most versatile and glorious sounding, noise-free P-90 pickups with the most usable out-of-phase circuit out there), and Reverend tweaked Bigsby (yes, it stays in tune and warbles) to make it a six-stringed appendage of sonic reckoning that looks as good as it sounds and plays.

Venetian Gold