Reverend Charger HB Roasted Maple Fingerboard Electric Guitar Gunmetal


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The Reverend Charger HB is a modern rock dynamo that combines humbucking power with bolt-on scale clarity. It features a korina body and beautiful roasted maple neck and fretboard.Loaded with dual HA5 humbuckers, the Charger HB pumps out big and clear rock tones, warm and round cleans, and even some percussive twang and girth. The bridge pickup is wound slightly hotter for extra drive and punch; the neck is underwound for a more open sound. A treble bleed circuit keeps the high end up even when the volume is down. The Charger HB won’t fail you in long sets. Pin-lock tuners, a Triple-Tree string tree, Boneite nut and TOM bridge with a stoptail will keep you in tune all night. Other features include an angled neck heel, custom jack plate, Pure Tone jack and a hand-signed, initialed headstock.